About Us

About Us

BotaniQual brings together researchers and engineers who have developed for you a unique extraction technology. Based on distillations using non-denatured ethanol, our products redefine today's quality standards.

With their full spectrum formula, our CBD oils concentrate all the natural components contained in the plant. These active ingredients provide the benefits associated with the entourage effect.

BotaniQual products offer complete traceability from the plant to the finished product.

We are experts in material loop closure, and 100% of our production waste is recovered by composting, in a circular economy perspective.

Why trust us?

High Quality Process

Thanks to our extraction process based on undenatured ethanol, our products redéfinissent meet today's quality standards.

Full Spectrum

Our oil preserves all the active ingredients of the plant. Their combination allows the surrounding effect.

Total Traceability

The batch number figurant on each bottle makes it possible to trace all the stages of production.

Closed Loop

100% of our waste is recovered by composting, with a view to a circular economy.

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